Chic Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Chic Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Chic Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Ideas Special Additions

Modernize Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with These Ideas

Typical bathroom medicine cabinets can look dated, clunky, and downright dull. However, bathroom medicine cabinets can be a great way to add storage space, accessibility for frequently used items, and discreet storage for medications. You can reap the benefits of medicine cabinets without settling for an unfashionable, bulky cabinet.

Here are some bathroom medicine cabinet ideas and inspiration for a chic, modern way to add storage to your bathroom space!

Modern Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Styles

Frameless Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

A frameless bathroom medicine cabinet is an excellent option for a sleek, modern look. While thinking beyond the frame, you can also break free from the traditional rectangular box-shaped cabinet! You can opt for rounded edges for a unique look, or ditch the rectangle altogether. Oval mirrored cabinet doors, whether framed or frameless, are an elegant choice that can virtually conceal the storage that sits behind the mirror.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Choose a recessed medicine cabinet to eliminate the bulk of your bathroom medicine cabinet’s storage. Selecting this style allows you the extra space afforded by a medicine cabinet while still having the mirror flush with the wall, creating a clean, streamlined appearance. If your space doesn’t allow for a fully recessed medicine cabinet, a partially-recessed cabinet can help with streamlining and hiding storage.

Double-Doored Medicine Cabinet

A double-doored medicine cabinet allows for even more storage space and provides a different look from traditional bathroom medicine cabinets. The double cabinet doors can be sliding doors for added sleekness—perfect for small spaces and minimalists alike!

Chic Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Details

Besides choosing a modern shape and style for your new bathroom medicine cabinet, choose a cabinet that offers functional and fashionable details! It’s easy to find a bathroom medicine cabinet with details that bring function and life to the room.

Medicine cabinets with built-in LED lighting provide better illumination for applying makeup or perfecting a skincare regimen. Built-in lights also contribute a glamorous, luxurious look to the space. Choose a mirrored door with exposed light bulbs for extra lighting and a classic, old Hollywood style.

If sticking with a framed medicine cabinet, choose a wood grain frame to add warmth to the room. Even a thin wood frame will add texture, depth, and warmth to your bathroom without creating bulk or looking outdated.

Additionally, you can choose a medicine cabinet with a standard single hinged door or double sliding doors, paired with surrounding shelving for more storage and a fresh look. Open shelves around closed storage allow for easier access to frequently used items, the ability to display perfumes or other decorative pieces, and contribute a chic airiness to your bathroom.

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