Maximizing Kitchen Cabinet Space

Maximizing Kitchen Cabinet Space

Maximizing Kitchen Cabinet Space Special Additions

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Whether you sacrificed cabinet space when designing your kitchen for something else on your wish list, or if you simply don’t have enough room for all of your kitchen supplies, there are some creative ways you can sneak in extra storage. Here are our top tips for maximizing your kitchen cabinet space.

Extra Cabinets

An easy way to add extra cabinet space to your kitchen area is to add a china hutch or buffet. These types of cabinets are typically more accessible than taller cabinets, and can be more stylish and unique too! Hunt for the perfect antique cabinet, or choose a sleek, modern hutch to match your personal style.

If you have the space, dedicate one wall for floor-to-ceiling shelving or wire racks. This will provide you with way more kitchen storage space, and can act as an accent wall.

Cabinets All the Way Up

If you’re in the process of designing or updating your kitchen, you can request or install wall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. This way you can avoid wasted space that tends to lurk above wall cabinets.

If you’re unable to install cabinets that go to the ceiling, you can utilize the unused space above cabinets to store cookbooks, cake stands, and other items that aren’t frequently used. Not only does this add to your kitchen cabinet space, but it also makes for stylish décor.

Creative Cabinet Space

When trying to maximize your storage, don’t be afraid to get creative! You don’t need to stick to the shelves in your cabinets; there are plenty of ways to make your cabinet storage more efficient.

If you’re designing your kitchen, drawers can offer more storage than doors on base cabinets. Consider opting for a couple of doored cabinets and a few drawers to diversify your storage.

If you already have doors on base cabinets, adjust the shelves in your cabinets to fit your storage needs. If you need additional space, you can add stackable racks to the inside of your cabinets.

File holders can organize unstackable frying pans, casserole dishes, plates, and cookie sheets. Dish drying racks can also be used for creative storage in cabinets, and stackable containers and canisters are an efficient way to store nonperishables and kitchen staples.
Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of your corner cabinet!

Use All Sides

Don’t limit yourself to only using the inside of cabinets for storage. Add racks, shelves, and hooks to the sides of cabinets and underneath cabinets for extra space. You can also install racks that attach to the inside door of cabinets for spices or other small storage. Hooks on the inside of doors are perfect for storing measuring cups, stand mixer attachments, and other small kitchen tools.

Ready for the Kitchen of Your Dreams?

When it comes to increasing your kitchen storage, there is no wrong way. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box (or cabinet). When you’re ready to maximize your kitchen cabinet space, contact Special Additions. Our quality kitchen cabinetry and experienced design staff make us New Jersey’s top choice for kitchen design.