Open Kitchen Shelving Benefits and Styling Tips

Open Kitchen Shelving Benefits and Styling Tips

Open Kitchen Shelving Benefits and Styling Tips Special Additions

How to Style Open Kitchen Shelving

Committing to installing open kitchen shelving can be stressful, with all of your kitchen tools and sundries out for everyone to see! However, when done thoughtfully, open kitchen shelving can be a fun way to add personality your kitchen and give you more space for styling and personalizing the room. Here are our top tips on how to style open kitchen shelving!

Consider What You’ll Be Storing

Choosing open shelving will immediately contribute a free and airy feel to your kitchen. With this freedom comes a minor decrease in the amount of storage space you will have in your cabinets and shelving. When deciding what kind and how many shelves to install, consider what all you will need to store on the shelving. Don’t forget that you can add storage with an additional China hutch or buffet, which you can even match to your dining or living room furniture for cohesion.

Be Creative With Styling Choices

Open kitchen shelving is stylish, fresh, and comes in many options. You can opt for floating shelves for a more seamless look, or add brackets to incorporate more warmth, texture, or to tie your shelving in with other appliances in your kitchen.

One of the major benefits of open kitchen shelves is the amount of styling that can be done. Of course, when talking about shelving, functionality is the top priority. The beauty of open shelving is incorporating your kitchen necessities into your style!

Organize for Easy Access

Store frequently-used dishware on shelves for easy access, and store any additional dishes, including novelty mugs and seasonal China in a closed cabinet or hutch.

Transfer cooking and baking essentials into stylish canisters and dispensers, place your go-to spices in fashionable containers, and keep fresh fruit in bowls on open shelves. All those cook books at the back of your cabinets or pantry also make beautiful shelf accessories – and may even encourage you to crack them open more often!

Add Decorative Accents

In addition to your kitchen necessities, use your open shelving to have fun with your decorating! Frame an old family recipe, place seasonal cut flowers in a crystal vase, or add live plants to your shelves for colorful, thoughtful accents.

When deciding where to place all of your functional and decorative elements, keep in mind how often you’ll be reaching for each item and plan your shelving arrangement accordingly. Place frequently used items on lower, more accessible shelves, and use higher shelves for decorative, lesser-used pieces.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

Open kitchen shelving is a fun and fresh way to add both storage and style to your kitchen. One of the great things about open shelving is that it allows you to change your decor with the season, or as you and your family grow. For professional inspiration and assistance with your kitchen makeover, contact Special Additions!