Transforming Your Basement With a Stunning Kitchen and Bar

Transforming Your Basement With a Stunning Kitchen and Bar

Transforming Your Basement With a Stunning Kitchen and Bar Special Additions

Adding a Kitchen and Bar to Your Basement’s Entertainment Center

An unfinished basement piled with old Christmas decorations or remnants of hobbies-past doesn’t make for a very inviting space. Avoid this waste of a perfectly good space by giving it a facelift and transforming your basement into an entertainment center! What’s more, you can make your new lower-level entertainment center even more comfortable and entertaining by adding a kitchen and bar to your space!

Functional and Fashionable Tips For Your Basement Kitchen and Bar

Install Kitchen Appliances

If space allows, you can construct a full bar and kitchen in your basement. Complete with a sink, refrigerator, and stocked cabinets, your basement will be the life of the party! When installing kitchen appliances, make sure you have carefully considered the layout to ensure you use the space as efficiently as possible. It’s essential to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing any comfort or utility of the room by cramming in too many appliances or fixtures.

Add Custom Cabinets and Drawers or Incorporate a Corner Bar

Custom cabinets and drawers can save space while still ensuring bottles have ample room to be stored without spilling and can be easily located when it’s time for a drink. A sink built-in under the bar can provide you with the convenience of running water and a place to wash glasses without sacrificing any precious bar space.

If you don’t have space for all of this, you can still liven up your basement with a small corner bar. Install cabinets underneath the bar, or add recessed shelves above for storage. You don’t need a huge space to add fun and functional kitchen and bar elements to your basement!

Make Your Space Inviting

When considering storage for your basement bar, don’t underestimate the style and aesthetic of exposed liquor and wine bottles. Creating exposed shelving for any bottles you may have can add both utility and style to your bar without having to shell out a ton of money for discrete storage.

Under-cabinet lighting can brighten up a dimly-lit basement and make your kitchen and bar look even more complete. Also, consider installing attractive light fixtures or lamps to create a warm bar atmosphere and to make it more accessible for use, especially if your basement is entirely underground and void of windows.

You can play around with warm wood tones and bright, clean tiling to create a dynamic and nuanced kitchen and bar setting. Take inspiration from some of your favorite bars, eras, and styles!

Add Unique Seating Options

Finally, make your entertainment center more inviting by adding unique seating options. Booth seating or comfy couches with access to surfaces to rest drinks and snacks can make your basement bar area a more inviting and relaxing environment. If you only have space for a corner bar, adding vintage-style pub seats can add a fun flair to even a simple bar space.

Contact Special Additions for Kitchen and Bar Inspiration

Adding a kitchen and bar to your entertainment center can positively transform your basement space, making it a fun and useful room! For more inspiration on designing your ideal basement kitchen and bar, or for help bringing your home pub visions to life, get in touch with Special Additions. With 40 years of experience under our belts and a stellar staff of designers, we can assure you that your next project will be a success. Call us for a free quote today!