Safe Children’s Bathroom Designs

Safe Children’s Bathroom Designs

Safe Children’s Bathroom Designs Special Additions

When designing the bathrooms in your home, there are some specificities you should keep in mind if children will be regularly using a particular room. Children’s bathroom designs can often go overlooked, creating a space that is unsafe and inconvenient for little ones. However, with the right eye for detail and thoughtful planning, you can design a bathroom that is perfect for your children and your home. Read on to learn the most important safety features to incorporate in your children’s space!

Children’s Bathroom Designs: Safe Options for Your Children

Safety is of the utmost priority when considering children’s bathroom designs. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish options for safety features in the bathroom.

Kid-Friendly Features

For little ones, consider having bathtub handles installed, and take advantage of non-slip mats for tubs and showers. These seemingly small details can help prevent slips and falls, making bath time safer for everyone.

Another safety feature to consider is an anti-scald faucet in tubs and showers. Younger children who are becoming independent bath-takers can have more autonomy over their shower temperature while you can have the peace of mind knowing they won’t be able to accidentally burn themselves with scalding hot water.

A sturdy step stool is another great way to promote self-sufficiency and safety all in one! With many bright and fun options on the market, you can choose a step stool that fits into any decor and is enticing for kids to use. Not having to stretch and tip-toe on potentially slick floors to see the mirror or reach the sink will provide safety and accessibility to the kiddos’ space.

Additionally, towel hooks or rods are a great way to keep towels off the floor. Make sure hooks and rods are at an appropriate height so that children are able to independently and safely utilize them. Consider open storage for towels and hygiene products, so that kids are able to access everything they need in the bathroom, without the risk of hurting any tiny fingers with cabinet doors.

Kid-Friendly Designs

If you have multiple children sharing the same bathroom, consider a Jack and Jill design for sink vanities. Having multiple sinks and faucets can reduce rushing and fighting in the bathroom space. Multiple faucets and mirrors in addition to increased counter space will ensure everyone is able to safely and efficiently use the room.

While children’s bathroom designs should have safety and convenience at the forefront, it’s also important that the space is fun and enticing to kids, but still comfortable and versatile for adults. A bright and patterned shower curtain is an easy way to add a pop of color and a fun design that kids will love, but can still be changed as tastes and trends evolve. Using bright colored accents, instead of going all out on funky tiling or fixtures, is a great way to incorporate fun kid-friendly details while still keeping a bathroom calm and inviting enough for adult guests.

Special Additions Makes Children’s Bathroom Designs Simple

Children’s bathrooms are a wonderfully fun aspect of the designing or remodeling process. While bathrooms carry some inherent dangers to children, there are key details you can incorporate to keep all of your little ones as safe and happy as possible. For help designing the perfect space with every member of your family in mind, contact Special Additions. We can’t wait to bring your dream home to life!