Finding the Right Kitchen Color Schemes for Your Style

Finding the Right Kitchen Color Schemes for Your Style

Finding the Right Kitchen Color Schemes for Your Style Special Additions

Determining the Best Kitchen Color Schemes

Designing or remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project! There isn’t a single room more integral to personal health, fostering relationships, and entertaining guests than the kitchen. With so much time spent in one’s kitchen, one must design it with functionality, personal tastes, and style in mind. Determining the best kitchen color scheme for you is an essential first step in designing your dream kitchen.

Think About the Function

Regardless of design, your kitchen must be functional. While it may not seem like functionality could be affected by something as superficial as kitchen color schemes, it could have a more significant impact than you think. The cabinets in your kitchen typically cover more area than blank walls do, making them a vital component to keep in mind when determining your color scheme. Besides taking up space, cabinets are a highly used feature in the kitchen, meaning they are often touched, bumped, and opened and closed. When deciding your cabinets’ color, keep in mind how visible fingerprints, dirt, and scratches will be.

Countertops account for another vast amount of your kitchen space. They are a focal point of the room and likely the most-utilized areas of the kitchen. You may opt to choose a neutral countertop that will not overwhelm other facets of the room. As with choosing a color for your cabinetry, keep in mind how visible use and wear will be on the countertops you choose.

Think About Your Preferences

The most important thing about designing your home is making sure it’s what you want. The colors of your kitchen are no exception to this. You’ll likely start the design process with the more permanent kitchen features – such as the cabinets and countertops. While still keeping the ever-important functionality in mind, choose cabinet and countertop colors that appeal to you. Once you have decided on the hue for these features, you can select even more exciting colors for your walls and backsplash. Starting with colors you like and then working to find complementary colors ensures that you will design a space that you will genuinely enjoy.

Walls and backsplashes are your chance to go crazy with color and design. Choose patterns and colors that speak to you when deciding on these elements of your kitchen.

 Think About the Style

While choosing a kitchen color scheme that you like, you also need to keep in mind how all of the pieces will fit together in the room. Starting with a color you really enjoy and then matching complementary shades and tones to that color can help keep your design on track. Always think about how colors will look next to each other and how the room will look as a whole. In addition to how colors will look together, you also need to think about how they will look in the context of your home. A couple of shades may look perfect together on the paint chips you collected, but the actual colors may look very different depending on your kitchen’s lighting. Keep your lighting in mind when deciding on a color scheme.

When you’re ready to design your dazzlingly colorful kitchen, work with the pros at Special Additions. Our team of experienced designers are ready to bring your kitchen dreams to life. Contact us today!