Redesigning Your Bathroom: Showers vs. Bathtubs

Redesigning Your Bathroom: Showers vs. Bathtubs

Redesigning Your Bathroom: Showers vs. Bathtubs Special Additions

There are many design decisions to be made when putting together your dream bathroom. One of the most important decisions you’ll face is how users of your bathroom will accomplish the room’s primary purpose – bathing! Besides this being a massive question of your bathroom’s functionality, deciding between showers vs. bathtubs can determine your bathroom’s overall layout and design, making it a crucial and sometimes difficult decision. Here are some things to consider when looking to answer the age-old question: Should I have a shower or a bathtub?

The Best Fit for Your Bathroom: Comparing Showers vs. Bathtubs

Consider your space

Both showers and bathtubs will likely take up the most space of all the fixtures in your bathroom. Because of this, it is vital to consider the amount of space in your bathroom, as well as how a tub or shower would impact the room’s layout. For example, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, then a bathtub that takes up half of the floor space and disrupts the room’s flow and accessibility may not be the right fit. In general, showers take up less space, so if the size of your bathroom is a concern, consider opting for a shower rather than a tub.

A key consideration when choosing between showers vs. bathtubs is accounting for how each will affect potential vanity size. Bathroom vanities add stylish focal points, functionality, and extra storage to your space, but they must provide enough room for you to maneuver comfortably around your bathroom. Keep vanity size in mind when selecting your shower or bathtub.

Consider the use

When deciding between showers vs. bathtubs, you’ll want to consider who will be using it and what best fits the room and your family’s needs. Showers are more accessible for those with disabilities and those who are older, making them a better choice for households with elderly family members or family members with mobility impairment. However, showers are not as conducive to bathing small children or pets, making a bathtub a better choice for rooms that will be used for rubber ducky bath time and rinse-offs after the dog park. Although there alternatives to both of the scenarios, such as walk-in bathtubs and baby baths that fit into kitchen sinks, be mindful as to what would be most convenient for your family’s needs.

Consider your style

Both bathtubs and showers are available in many gorgeous designs, fitting just about any bathroom’s style. However, think about which one would contribute to the desired look and feel of your bathroom. A vintage-style clawfoot tub may be beautiful on its own, but could disrupt the clean lines of a contemporary bathroom, and a stunningly sleek walk-in shower may not fit into Art Deco-esque space. When deciding between showers vs. bathtubs, make sure you’re mindful of how it would fit into the form and fashion of your bathroom.

Consider your budget

In general, bathtubs are less costly to have installed. If you are designing your space on a tight budget, be sure to keep this in mind. Besides the discrepancies in installation costs between showers and tubs, you should also keep in mind the difference your decision could make to your home’s resale value. Homes with bathtubs often have higher resale value than those with only stall or walk-in showers. Besides the value a tub could add your home’s price tag, it may also help get your house off the market sooner, as buyers often look for houses with bathtubs.

Deciding between a shower and a bathtub for your new bathroom is an important step in your remodeling journey. Considering your space, intended use, personal style, and your budget will help you make the best decision for your home and your family.

Once you’ve made your decision, or if you still need some expert help in deciding, contact Special Additions to get started on designing your ideal bathroom! Our top-quality bathroom cabinets are sure to elevate your space.