The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets for Your Home

The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets for Your Home

The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets for Your Home Special Additions

Choosing stylish kitchen and bathroom faucets for your home may seem like a mammoth task at first. From considering classic styles and modern trends to perusing finishes and materials, there are many factors to consider. Even so, we can assure you that the process can be straightforward!

In this blog, we invite you to dive into our faucet style guide, where we’ll compare various options so you can find the best kitchen and bathroom faucets for your home.

How to Choose Stylish Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Like most elements of your home, you’ll want to choose wisely when it comes to kitchen and bathroom faucets to get the most out of your space. Here are the factors to consider that will ensure your faucets provide the aesthetic and functionality you desire most.

General Features

Features can offer a great deal more than pure functionality and durability. Feel free to splurge if you find a faucet with extra bells and whistles, but don’t skimp on quality just to get a great price.

Here are some features to consider during your search:

    • Single versus multiple handles: Which is more convenient for you? Do you envision a particular aesthetic with a single handle, or multiple handles?
    • Spout height and reach: Faucets vary greatly in spout height and reach, and each option will have unique pros and cons. Consider what works best with your space.
    • Pull-down faucets versus conventional faucets: Want extra help with washing the dishes? In that case, a pull-down sprayer may be an appealing feature.
    • Valve types: Typically in faucets, you’ll see compression valves, ball valves, cartridge valves, and ceramic disc valves. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand which type you have before conducting any repairs.

Installation Types

During a simple faucet replacement, use the same installation type as the old faucet with the new one. This way, you can be sure that the new faucet fits and functions correctly.

On the other hand, during a large-scale project or renovation, you can take more liberties with installation types. These include:

  • Wall-mounted faucet: This faucet type is mounted in the wall rather than the counter or sink.
  • Single-hole faucet: This faucet type includes a single unit with one handle that controls both hot and cold water.
  • Center-set faucet: This faucet type has a spout and two handles in one unit.
  • Widespread or spread-fit faucet: This faucet type lays out the two handles and spout in three separate components.

Faucet Styles

Kitchen and bathroom faucets come in many styles to accommodate countless tastes. This is where you can truly let your artistic sensibilities run wild—will you stick to matching your faucet with surrounding décor, or make a statement with striking contrast? It’s up to you!

Additionally, don’t feel like your options are limited based on a particular installation type. There are many styles on the market to choose from, ranging from traditional and ornate pieces to modern, angular beauties.


Many abide by the rule of thumb that you should always match your faucet’s finish to nearby cabinetry and other surrounding hardware. However, it can often be a great idea to match metal finishes to create a cohesive look with your other fixtures. Nothing is stopping you from getting creative!

Mixing and matching metal finishes, whether in a master bath or in a powder room, provides a great way to makeover your space’s décor through the subtle details.

Here are some metal finishes to consider incorporating in your space’s aesthetic:

  • Chrome – Modern and highly reflective, this finish is ultra-popular for faucets of all kinds. While it requires regular cleaning to avoid water stains, it looks beautiful when well-maintained.
  • Brushed-chrome – This finish features the same versatile silver color as chrome but has a matte finish instead of shine.
  • Black – Simultaneously elegant and modern, black finishes provide striking contrast against light countertops and sinks. Matte black is also highly spot-resistant and hides dirt well. Try mixing this finish with chrome or brass for a gorgeous metal medley!
  • Brass – For bathrooms aiming for a traditional or retro look, brass is a great finish. A warm, deep gold contributes to a polished aesthetic.
  • Bronze – Bronze is darker than brass and evokes hints of charming, luxurious antiquity. Venetian bronze is lighter with a powder-coated finish, while oil-rubbed bronze features a darker finish resembling matte black.
  • Nickel – This finish is similar to chrome in terms of shade but has golden undertones. Nickel can be brushed or reflective.

Keep in mind that certain finishes are more durable than others. Some, such as chrome, can handle significant wear and tear, making them better options for heavily used areas. Others are more prone to fingerprints, water spots, chips, and scratches. Do your research before you commit to a specific finish!

Stylish Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets Await

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