The Best Style Options for a New Sink Installation

The Best Style Options for a New Sink Installation

The Best Style Options for a New Sink Installation Special Additions

If you’re looking to upgrade the form and function of your kitchen, one of the spaces that you should consider is your sink. A new sink installation is a great way to make better use of existing space or to bring out the very best results from a larger remodeling project. Many people think that new faucets are the only option they have for making changes, but there are great basin designs and material options to consider as well.

A kitchen remodel allows you to contemplate all of the design possibilities that are out there. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing sink without taking on a bigger project, your options may be limited by the materials and design of your countertop. However, you should still look into the possibilities. Small changes, like going from a single bowl to a double bowl or adding a drainboard, can improve the functionality of your sink, and choosing the right material can give your space a whole new look.

Whether your kitchen décor is rustic, contemporary, or modern—there are great options available. And whether you have a lot of room or a tiny kitchen, installing a new kitchen sink can make your space even more user friendly. Read on to learn about the styles and materials that you should know about before you choose.

Simple and Stylish New Sink Installation

When installing a new sink, it’s crucial to think about where you want to place your sink and what will bring out the best in your countertops and the rest of your kitchen décor. When you find the right option to deliver all of the functionality that you need, you can choose a material that optimizes the aesthetics of your choice.

Basin Styles

For almost any kitchen sink style, you will need to consider whether you want a single or double basin. You also need to consider how you’ll mount the basin and where you want it to be.

Under-mount: An under-mount sink can be a single or double basin. It offers a sleek modern look because there is no sink rim laying over the surrounding countertop. Since an under-mount basin is typically attached with glue, it isn’t a good option for basins made of heavier materials like cast iron or fireclay.

Top-mount: Also known as a drop-in sink, this is the most common and familiar basin in traditional kitchen design. It is easy to install, making it ideal for sink upgrades that don’t require any additional kitchen remodeling. It is a versatile option that gives you a full range of options in materials. Any time you choose a top-mount design, you have the option of selecting a design with an integrated drainboard.

Corner: This is an excellent option for smaller kitchens. You can select a single piece that positions two separate basins and a drainboard in such a way that they turn the corner, or you can under-mount two separate basins and use the space between them to mount a faucet.

Island: If you have a kitchen island, you can choose to put your sink there rather than having it break up the usable space on your main countertop. Relocating a sink will require some plumbing work, but once that is done, you have access to the full range of options in styles and materials.

Farmhouse: This style of sink fits in well with rustic farmhouse décor. It is unique due to the protruding apron that extends past the edge of your countertops. Basins in this style are typically made out of cast iron or fireclay to fit with the farmhouse motif.

Basin Materials

There are a lot of great materials to choose from when you are installing a new sink. Depending on the amount and type of use you will demand from it, the decorating style of the surrounding room, and your budget for the project—there is sure to be one that delivers what you need with looks you’ll love.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is affordable and durable. It is easy to clean and maintain. It brings a traditional finish that fits with almost any decorating style.

Granite Composite: This sink material uses a blend of quartz dust and acrylic resin to deliver a basin that is more affordable than stone while still bringing a unique look to contemporary kitchen designs.

Cast Iron: This material gives your kitchen a timeless look. Cast iron sinks are coated with enamel. This makes them heavier, which means that they aren’t great options for under-mounting for both stylistic and functional reasons. Cast iron sinks require special cleaning and care, but they offer a long life and a boost to your home’s value in return.

Fireclay: This enamel material is made from glazed and cured white clay. It offers a traditional look, easy cleaning, and exceptional durability. The downsides are that it comes in limited colors, is more expensive than other basin materials, and typically requires professional installation.

Copper: If you want to give your kitchen a unique look and you’re willing to pay more to get it, copper is a great material option to consider. Not only does it offer eye-catching style, but it also helps to kill bacteria that can grow in the moist environment of a sink basin. If you are going to invest in a copper sink basin, be sure to select material that is at least 14-gauge thickness. Thinner material is easily damaged.

Ready for Your New Sink Installation?

When you’re ready to upgrade the looks and performance of your kitchen with a dazzling new sink, trust the kitchen design experts at Special Additions to help you find the perfect solution for your space. We’ll make your new sink installation simple and affordable. Contact us for your next project today!