Your New Favorite Oasis: Kitchen Island Seating

Your New Favorite Oasis: Kitchen Island Seating

Your New Favorite Oasis: Kitchen Island Seating Special Additions

Modern Kitchen Ideas with Island Seating

Most people would agree that having a kitchen island is awesome. It’s the perfect spot where you can prepare meals, eat breakfast, entertain guests, or keep an eye on the kids as they do their homework. Deciding whether or not you should have a kitchen island is easy—if you have the space, then the answer is yes. Deciding on your kitchen island seating, however, can be a bit more of a challenge. Here are some things to consider as you look for the best seating options for your kitchen island.

Make comfort a priority.

Many homeowners fall into the trap of choosing kitchen island seating that looks cool but is almost impossible to sit on comfortably. When shopping for a stool, don’t just hop on and off. Sit for a while and consider how your back feels after a few minutes. Take note of how often you change positions. Write down on a scale on 1 to 10 how comfortable you think each seating option is, so you can easily narrow down your choices after you’re done testing. This research will take a bit of time, but remember, you’ll have to sit in these stools for a long time, so you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Decide on backrests.

Should you or should you not choose kitchen island seating with backrests? Like all great questions, the answer is “it depends.” Some people avoid backrests because they don’t want to obscure their beautiful countertops or let the stools be a dominant factor in their overall kitchen design. Remember, stools without backrests can be easily tucked away when not in use.

Although backless stools take up less space, kitchen island seating with backrests tends to be more comfortable. Stools with backrests are also a safer option if you have children who will be using them. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

Study up on stool height.

Kitchen island seating height is very important. The first thing you have to consider here is the height of the island itself, or more precisely, the countertop. For an average adult to feel comfortable, you’ll need a gap of 25- to 30-centimeters (about 9 to 11 inches) between the stool and the underside of the countertop. That amount of clearance will provide ample leg room and still allow easy access to the surface of the countertop.

Prioritize stability.

When it comes to choosing kitchen island seating, stability is your number one concern. Try to avoid narrow, tall stools. Instead, choose a stool with a solid and wide base. This will obviously keep children safer, but also provide extra stability for adults.

Consider how you use your kitchen.

Are you a passionate chef? Do you enjoy throwing awesome cooking parties? Or do you prefer cozy dinners at home with family? Figure out the average number of people that you’ll entertain around the kitchen island and choose your seating accordingly. Maybe a pair of stools will suffice. Perhaps a set of eight would be better. Maybe a kitchen island bench is a better option. Only you know how much seating you should have to accommodate your kitchen Island.

Go adventurous.

Why not mix several styles of stools instead of going for a pre-combined set? Even the most different stools can look amazing together. For instance, you can add interest to a set of classic dining stools with a single metal or bright-colored chair in the middle as an accent piece. Or, choose stools that are all different colors for a fun and playful look.


When choosing kitchen island seating, you have limitless options and all kinds of things to consider. The kitchen design experts at Special Additions are ready to help you create a complete kitchen, from flooring and cabinets to countertops and kitchen island seating. Call us to begin creating your dream home today!