Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas Special Additions

Our Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas and Styles

Sometimes, it’s the tiniest details that make the biggest difference. That’s certainly the case when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. Those little knobs, pulls, and handles can have a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Whether you’re just switching out your cabinet hardware for a quick design refresh, or completely remodeling your kitchen, this list of our favorite kitchen cabinet hardware ideas may give you some inspiration.

Match Green with Black

Have you jumped onto the green kitchen cabinet trend? Green cabinets are becoming quite popular and demand eye-catching hardware accessories. Completely black hardware that’s not too ornate is your best choice here. Black complements without overpowering, which allows the green to take center stage.

Go Bold with White

If you’ve got white drawers and cabinets, you can practically pick any kind of hardware you like, so why not be a bit more daring? For example, installing red hardware against white kitchen cabinets really pops and gives your entire kitchen a cheery feel. Install blue knobs and pulls in a mostly white kitchen, and you instantly have a country chic feel. Experiment with your favorite colors and shapes to find the kitchen hardware that you like best.

When to Say Yes to Yellow

If you’re among those who have a bright yellow kitchen, then you might be at a loss when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware ideas. All the standard “go-to” classics such as brass, white, and black don’t quite work. And other colors aren’t quite right either. But we have one viable solution for your yellow kitchen—installing hardware painted the exact same color as your cabinets. Yellow is a bold choice for kitchen cabinets on its own, so matching your hardware will only add to the sunny look and never come off as boring or monochromatic.

Go for the Gold

Give your cabinets the royal treatment with a fresh coat of indigo paint followed by sleek gold accessories. Use a mix of round knobs and classic pulls for a striking look. Alternatively, you can forgo the knobs and use the same sleek gold handles across the entire kitchen. Simply rotate the alignment for the most functionality on any piece of cabinetry.

Try Traditional Crystal

Crystal kitchen hardware is classic for a reason. Its shimmery transparency allows glass knobs to work well with just about any kitchen setup. However, pairing crystal hardware with dark or brightly colored stains is one of our favorite kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

Pair up Gray and Silver

Gray and its shiny metallic cousin, silver, are a match made in kitchen design heaven. Use silver hardware on dark or light gray cabinets for an attractive and modern look. Experiment with brushed, satin, and shiny hardware finishes until you find a look that you like.

Get a Handle on Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Many people overlook kitchen cabinet hardware, but this small detail can have a big impact on the overall style of your kitchen. The kitchen cabinet hardware ideas above are just a few examples of the literally thousands of hardware styles out there. It can be a bit overwhelming, but remember—as long as your cabinet hardware complements and enhances the most attractive features of your kitchen, then you’ve made the right choice.

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