Incorporating Custom Wine Cabinetry

Incorporating Custom Wine Cabinetry

Incorporating Custom Wine Cabinetry Special Additions

How to Bring Custom Wine Cabinetry into Your Home

Are you a wine enthusiast? Have you always wanted a dedicated space to store wine in your home? You may think you need a considerable amount of space, but the truth is, you can incorporate custom wine cabinetry almost anywhere you have free space in your home. Check out these ideas for setting up and organizing a dedicated space for your wine collection:

Important Wine Storage Factors

When it comes to setting up your home wine storage system, consider the most important factors of wine storage.

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for wine storage should be between 45- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity: For optimal storage, make sure you store your wine in an environment that has humidity levels between 55% and 80%.
  • Light: Direct sunlight is the enemy of wine. Ideal areas for storing wine are dark spaces like basements, pantries, closets, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Position: Wine bottles should be stored horizontally to help prevent the cork from drying out.

Where to Set Up Custom Wine Cabinetry

Consider these spaces in your home for ideal wine storage:

  • Basement: Basements are suitable for home wine cellars since their temperatures are typically cooler. If you have a big collection, then you can transform the entire basement into the ultimate wine storage space with custom built-in cabinets and a climate control system. If you have a limited budget or don’t want to convert your entire basement, you can install custom wine cabinetry on one wall or a small corner.
  • Kitchen: Building custom wine cabinetry in your kitchen is convenient for smaller or mid-sized collections. A walk-in pantry is an ideal location because it doesn’t get much sunlight. If you don’t have a pantry as an option, then you can choose to have a custom wine cabinet built into a kitchen island or existing cabinets. There are plenty of kitchen wine fridges on the market as well that can be built into existing cabinetry for maximum protection and convenience.
  • Mudroom: Mudrooms are usually near the kitchen and are cooler than the rest of the house (especially in autumn and winter), so they’re a near-perfect location for storing wine. The only downside is that there may be a lot of sunlight, so a cabinet would be ideal. You could also install a custom wine cabinet fridge, which will keep your wine stored in perfect conditions all year round.
  • Dining room: If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, then having custom wine cabinetry in the dining room is ideal. You’ll be able to choose the perfect wine without having to leave your guests. Depending on your budget, you could dedicate an entire wall to wine storage, complete with custom wine refrigerator cabinets and glass doors. Less expensive options include installing an attractive wine cabinet or adding shelving to your dining room walls.
  • An existing bar: Don’t overthink it! If you have an existing bar set up, then store your wine there. Install cabinets with built-in wine storage drawers, or enhance existing cabinetry by adding wine racks and wall-mounted holders for glassware.


It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to wine storage. As long as you keep your collection stored under the right conditions, you can place custom wine cabinetry almost anywhere in your home.

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