9 Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

9 Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

9 Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel Special Additions

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel is Possible with These Tips

Have you decided to take the plunge and go for a complete kitchen update? What many homeowners don’t realize is that during this process, you’ll be without a kitchen for several weeks, perhaps even months! The good news is that surviving a kitchen remodel is possible with these 9 tips:

Pack up properly.

Before the renovation begins, determine what you’ll pack up, what you’ll need to keep out for your temporary kitchen, and what you’ll throw away or donate. For example, you probably won’t need your large casserole dish or serving platters, so those can be packed away. However, you’ll want to hold onto some necessary utensils, a few plates and bowls, small appliances, etc. If you come across something that you barely use or even forgot you had, then toss it out.

Control the dust.

Kitchen renovations create a lot of dust. Your contractor will cover carpets and floors and hang plastic sheeting around the demo site, but it still has a way of spreading everywhere. Get a few microfiber cloths and take a few minutes each day to wipe things down. Run an air filter in the rooms where dust tends to accumulate. Anything you do to keep dust at bay during the renovation will make your final clean-up easier when the job is complete.

Create a temporary kitchen during renovation.

You’re going to need to get a bit creative with how you set up your temporary kitchen. You may choose to move your refrigerator to the living room along with the toaster oven, microwave, electric grill, and other small appliances. Find a small plastic container with a lid where you can store plates, bowls, cups, and utensils so they don’t get dusty.

Devise a dishwashing strategy.

You’ll be washing dishes by hand, so set up a dishwashing station by your utility sink or plan on washing dishes in your bathroom. If the renovation is happening during the warmer months, then you can also use any convenient outside water source. Not having a kitchen sink can be one of the hardest parts of surviving a kitchen renovation, so it may be wise to use disposable paper plates and plastic utensils.

Plan for your pets.

Living through a renovation is not only hard for the people in the house, it’s stressful for the pets as well. Make sure your four-legged friends have a comfortable and quiet place to eat, sleep, and feel safe. Consider asking a friend or family member to take in your pet for a few weeks. You may even want to think about boarding them for at least some of the time. It’s pricey but can be a worthwhile investment because it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Beware of project “creep.”

The key to surviving a kitchen remodel is devising and sticking to a solid plan. It’s tempting to start adding on little things that you hadn’t planned on. If you find yourself saying, “Well, if we’re doing that, then we might as well do this,” stop and consider whether you really need these add-ons. These small decisions can add time and costs to your renovation.

Adjust your eating habits.

Put convenience first when considering how to feed yourself during a renovation. That means choosing foods that require little to no prep and clean up. Seasonal fruits, crackers, nuts, yogurt, sandwiches, canned soups, instant coffee, toast, and cereal are all great choices. It’s a temporary adjustment that will help keep you nourished and less stressed. Also, remember to treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant every once in a while!

Be patient and pleasant.

Surviving a kitchen remodel is no doubt stressful. At some point, your family will get on your nerves, the workers might be extra loud, or you’ll have just reached your limit. It’s at those times where it’s best to stop and take a breath. Go for a walk, see a movie, visit a friend, or relax in a café. Remind yourself that it’s only temporary, and losing your cool won’t help things go any faster.

Rely on professionals.

Renovating your kitchen is never a simple project. There are lots of decisions to make, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To confidently and comfortably survive your kitchen renovation, you’ll need to work with experts such as Special Additions, who will guide you through every step from conception to construction to completion. Our kitchen specialists are dedicated to making sure you get the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us for a free quote today!