Bold Powder Room Ideas

Bold Powder Room Ideas

Bold Powder Room Ideas Special Additions

Make a Statement with Our Bold Powder Room Ideas

Powder rooms may be overlooked when it comes to home décor because they’re small and aren’t used as often as the master bathroom. However, powder rooms can be some of the most fun spaces to decorate in your home precisely because of their compact size. You can feel free to experiment with patterns and colors in ways that you might not consider in large, open spaces. Check out these bold powder room ideas for inspiration.

Try Out Tile

Because powder rooms are small, you can have a lot of fun implementing the latest bathroom tile trends. Try tiling the bottom half of your powder room walls and adding paint or wallpaper in bold colors or patterns to the top half. You can install bathroom tile flooring as well, but it doesn’t need to match what’s on the walls. Be as creative as you like!

Mix Old and New

Can’t decide between a vintage or modern look for your powder room? Choose both! Install an ornate, vintage-inspired vanity, but fit it with modern faucets for a fresh twist. Or choose a more modern sink and hang a vintage mirror. The possibilities are endless.

Spotlight a Bold Color

The powder room might be the only room in the house where you can get away with using a single bold color throughout. Whether you prefer deep reds, pale blues, or emerald greens, you can feel free to go all in! Paint all four walls and even the ceiling the same color for a monochromatic look that will create a look that’s comfortably enveloping, but not overwhelming.

Add Floating Shelves

As far as powder room ideas go, this one a no-brainer. If your powder room is lacking in built-in storage space, then you can add more surface room by installing a shelf above the toilet or sink. This shelf could be the perfect spot for extra towels, decorative candles, or lotions for your guests.

Turn up the Texture

Rather than go bold with colors and patterns, trying to keep a neutral color palette and getting creative with textures instead. Use wood shelving, tiled floors, granite countertops, textured wallpaper, and fabric wall hangings. When executed well, mixing textures looks creative and contemporary without being chaotic.

Keep it Black and White

One of the most straightforward powder room ideas is to keep things black and white. No combination is more classic. Install black and white tiled floors, use black and white accessories, and get creative with black and white wallpaper. Simple stripes or polka dots work well, but feel free to choose a more intricate wallpaper design as well. Add pops of color to keep things interesting; some ideas could include a vase full of flowers, a few strategically placed candles, or colorful hand towels.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors can make any room seem bigger instantly. Install a wall-length mirror behind the sink to create the feeling of more space in your tiny powder room without using up too much valuable real estate.

Floating Sink

A floating sink connects directly to the wall. There’s no vanity and no pedestal. Installing a floating sink frees up space in your powder room and creates an open, airy feeling.

Consider Corner Cabinetry

Think there’s nowhere in your powder room for cabinets? Look at the corners. Corner cabinets fit into what is usually “wasted space” to give you much-needed storage without getting in the way.

Ask the Pros for More Powder Room Ideas

If you want to implement any of these powder room ideas in your home or discuss additional ideas for your small bathroom remodel, then be sure to contact the pros at Special Additions. Our bathroom specialists will work with you every step of the way to help you create a powder room that you can admire and enjoy. Call us for a free quote today!