A Look into the Green Kitchen Cabinet Trend

A Look into the Green Kitchen Cabinet Trend

A Look into the Green Kitchen Cabinet Trend Special Additions

Green Kitchen Cabinets Paired with Wood Countertops

Are you aware of the green kitchen cabinet trend? To be clear, we’re not using the term “green” as shorthand for eco-friendly or sustainable. We’re talking about kitchen cabinets that are shades of green, from soft sage, to emerald, to teal. Green kitchen cabinets started gaining popularity last year and the trend continues to be popular in 2019. If you’re planning a kitchen redesign or installing a brand-new kitchen, you may want to consider adding green kitchen cabinets.

The Appeal of Green Kitchen Cabinets

Part of the appeal of green kitchen cabinets has to do with what the kitchen is all about in the first place – family and comfort. A kitchen with green cabinets creates a sense of calm, as well as an air of good health and happiness. For those who enjoy kitchen entertaining, green is a universally welcoming color. It will put any guest at ease.

What’s more, green seamlessly transitions between outdoor and indoor spaces, blending a kitchen loaded with plenty of windows and natural light to the lush green outdoors.

One of the most popular trends today is to pair green kitchen cabinets with wood countertops. Since wood is a natural material sourced from nature, green tones compliment it well.

The Search for the Right Shade

Green is everywhere. It’s the vibrant color of Granny Smith apples, grass, and the leaves on trees. Green is the cool, calming subtlety of herbs; and the deep boldness of olives and avocados. Natural green is all around.

Light lime is a particularly popular shade for kitchens. Being both bright and soothing, this shade is a perfect tone to set for your morning. Where better to place it than your kitchen?

Try accenting your apple green cabinets with white walls, white countertops, and white bottom cabinets. Or, mix up your color palette by interspersing an unexpected deep violet or candy apple red cabinet with the calming pale of celery on your kitchen cabinets for a touch of surprise.

Incorporate a retro vibe with pale mint incorporated amongst stainless steel and Formica countertops and tables. You could even opt for a futuristic and modern tone by using green cabinets and bright red accents. Or, pair your green kitchen cabinets with the warmth of yellows or the cool of blues, or a mixed combination of both.

Special Additions Is Your Source for Green Kitchen Cabinets

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