Not All Cabinet Hardware Has to Be Boring

Not All Cabinet Hardware Has to Be Boring

Not All Cabinet Hardware Has to Be Boring Special Additions

Distinctive Cabinet Hardware to Bring Out Your Personality

Are you having new bathroom or kitchen cabinetry installed? If so, then don’t forget to take the time to choose the right cabinet hardware. Many people overlook this small detail, but cabinet hardware can have a big impact on the overall style of your room. Here are some unique cabinet hardware options for you to consider.

Art Deco Knobs

Overall, art deco is a streamlined and modern look inspired by the high-speed rails and steamships of the 1920s and 30s. The style utilizes curved, slender and horizontal lines to create a sleek artful product. Art deco-inspired hardware often comes in brushed stainless steel or matte black finishes to mimic old ironware. As a result, they are ideal for décor that is simple, classic, and elegant.

Glass Knobs

To get an expensive look without the expensive price tag, choose glass knobs. They’ll add a bit bling to an otherwise understated room. But beyond that, they’re extremely versatile. Use them on distressed cabinets for a vintage feel or to create contrast on fun-colored cabinets and drawers.

Novelty Knobs

There’s no better way to finish a themed kitchen or bathroom design than with novelty cabinet hardware. For example, if your bathroom boasts a beach theme, then add starfish shaped knobs to bring the entire look together. If you are creating a whimsical kitchen, then adding fruit-or vegetable-shaped cabinet hardware can be fun. The options for novelty knobs are endless; add as much flair as you like. But don’t feel like every piece of cabinet hardware has to be themed, because it can get overwhelming. Also, these pieces may be a bit pricier due to their unique design, so make sure to create room within your budget.


Backplates are a two-part hardware consisting of knob attached to the center of a backpiece that lies flat. Often ornate, backplates will add an elegant European feel to your kitchen or bathroom. Use them in Mediterranean, Gothic, or Victorian themed spaces. These can also be quite expensive because of the craftsmanship involved.

Bar Pulls

Sturdy and sleek, linear bar pulls will run almost the entire width or length of the cabinet and instantly create a contemporary feel to any space. If you’re unsure of how long the pull should be, then talk to your designer. While most often featured in a stainless finish, they are bar pulls available in brushed nickel, brass, and a wide variety of other finishes.

Bin or Cup Pulls

Bin or cup pulls became popular first in the middle of the nineteenth century. These pulls resemble an upside-down half-moon. This vintage look has experienced a resurgence recently and is proving to be a timeless trend. They are available in just about any finish, even painted colors. However, they range in price, so it’s important to research exactly what you want.

Get a Handle on Your Cabinet Hardware

With so many cabinet hardware options out there, it can be confusing to make the best choice. The first thing you need to consider is what type of finish you want. Then, look at the other design elements within your kitchen or bathroom. For example, what kind of faucet did you pick out? What do your appliances look like? What color are your cabinets? Your cabinet hardware should complement and enhance the most attractive features of your kitchen.

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