Shop Local: Why Your Local Shops Will Serve You Best

Shop Local: Why Your Local Shops Will Serve You Best

Shop Local: Why Your Local Shops Will Serve You Best Special Additions

6 Reasons to Shop Local

There’s been a growing trend over the past decade for consumers to shop local instead of at a big box retailer or shopping mall. One reason is that they’re fed up with the crowds and poor customer service found at large chain stores. However, shopping locally benefits you and your community in so many ways. Here are six reasons to shop local.

You’ll Get Outstanding Customer Service

When you shop local, you know the person behind the product. If you have a problem or question, it’s a quick stop at the store instead of dealing with the policies of a larger retailer. Customer service representatives at a national chain have no skin in the game, while small business owners will go to great lengths to keep you as a loyal customer. For example, the guys at your local hardware store will be happy to answer questions and offer advice about your projects. Your local bookstore owner will gladly give you recommendations and special order a book for you. A local drugstore may even deliver medication to you if you’re home sick.

Your Dollars Benefit the Community

When you shop local, you not only support the retailer but also the community it’s located in. For starters, local business owners are much more likely to shop locally themselves. In addition, a portion of tax revenue generated from local purchases stays in the community to help fund local schools, road repairs, and fire and police departments, among other community needs. According to Civic Economics, $68 of every $100 spent at local businesses stays within the community. Compare that to a large retail store that only contributes $43 for every $100 spent to the local economy. When you purchase something online, the community gets no financial benefit.

Local Businesses Create Jobs 

Studies have shown that the more local businesses there are, the more jobs a town will have. Plus, they often pay better salaries than chain stores who are focused solely on profit margins.

It Can Boost Property Values

Today’s home buyers are looking for a community that has everything they need within walking distance. That means residents can easily get to coffee shops, restaurants, shops, schools, and parks without having to get in their car. Local businesses are necessary to create the vibrant shopping and entertainment options that drive demand to live there, and in turn boost property values. But it requires the local residents’ commitment to shop locally.

There Will Be More Opportunities for Unique Finds

Retail chains only sell products for mass consumption. That means, from digital devices to apparel, millions of people are consuming the same products simultaneously. If you want something unique, then shopping locally is your best bet. Local shops tend to serve niche markets. A local clothing store will have fashions you won’t find in a department store. A local gift shop will have some distinctive items that you never even considered. Even a local ice cream shop may have specialty flavors and creations that a chain won’t have.

It’s Fun!

Let’s face it. Schlepping to a big retailer is a drag. Who wants to deal with crowds, long lines, and parking nightmares? But shopping locally is always fun. You can stroll through your town and enjoy perusing your options. You can see friends, meet new people, and get to know your local shop owners. Stop at a local café for a coffee or a bite to eat. Who knew supporting your community could be so much fun?

In today’s world, you can order anything you need from your phone or find tons of products in one giant store. But, patronizing those retailers has little to no benefit for your community. Shop local and know that you are helping to create a better community and standard of living for you and your neighbors.

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